New Twist to the Carriacou Maroon Music Festival

Although the Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival has always been quite spectacular, this year promises an even more remarkable experience.  With a slight name change to become the 'Carriacou Maroon Music Festival,' more local acts and the inclusion of a highly acclaimed regional reggae artiste, this year’s Festival will definitely be one with a difference.

The Festival starts with a genuine maroon in its natural home setting at the cultural village of Belair.  There, you will bear witness to the morning rituals like the cooking of smoked food, eating and sharing the ancestral meal.  

Later that evening you can join in a flamboyant string band parade and experience ring and big drum dancing.  This year however, a welcome party will be held at the Coconut Bar on Friday night as opposed to the usual ‘cool down’ party on Sunday nights.

The following day will bring with it ‘Strings in the City;’ an event held in the town of Hillsborough where you will be serenaded with string band performances, sweet steel pan music and more. 

After this comes the heavily anticipated Cradle of Culture event at the Belair Heritage Park which begins with presentations of big drum and quadrille dances, Shakespeare Mas and other art forms and is expected to end with an impressive performance from popular Jamaican reggae artiste ‘Capleton’ together with the Prophecy Band.   

Sunday evening however, takes you to the magical setting of Paradise Beach where you will enjoy an evening of pure, untamed and pulsating music amidst the backdrop of Sandy and Mabouya Islands.  Performances from various genres of music coupled with a delectable seafood menu has created a stir of anticipation for the last day of the Festival. 

The three days epitomizes food, music, culture and socializing.  As we say, once you have experienced the Carriacou Maroon Music Festival, your life will never be the same.  To see the full list of participating bands and for more information on the Carriacou Maroon Music Festival, visit the official website at or email us at

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