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10 Reasons to Visit Grenada’s House of Chocolate

Grenada’s capital city of St. George’s is now home to the House of Chocolate.  We heard about it, we explored it, we loved it and we’re here to tell you why you need to check it out.  Because of this, we’ve come up with ten fascinating reasons why you need to visit this quaint little facility.

  1. Learn the History of Chocolate

Did you know that all three types of cocoa in the world can be found right here in Grenada?  The House of Chocolate goes way beyond the topic of chocolate making and provides you with information from the growth of the cocoa bean, to the actual bar that most of us love so much.

  1. Tour the Mini Museum

House of Chocolate Tour Guide, Grenadian Dain James can easily be referred to as a walking museum.  He can tell you about each portion of the chocolate making process.  From the complexity of the cocoa plantation’s ecosystem to the way he uses cocoa butter to keep his skin moist, you will be amazed at the wealth of information you can gain from this tour.

  1. Sample amazing Chocolate Delicacies

If you’re a chocolate lover then Grenada’s House of Chocolate is your sanctuary.  Besides sampling the actual chocolates, your cravings for cocoa-infused treats such as cheesecakes, brownies, home made ice creams, cakes and more can all be overly satisfied here.

  1. Relax at the Chocolateria

When seats are designed to look exactly like chocolate shaped cookies with rainbow colored droplets in the middle, and tables appear to have drips of chocolate on them, you will want to sit and relax whether that was your intention or not.

  1. Live Treat-making at the Choco Shack

Seeing various displays of chocolate delicacies laid out right before your eyes is one thing.  When you can see a pastry chef designing those items right before your eyes that takes it up a notch.

  1. Grind your own Cocoa

This activity is your chance to experience exactly what it was like to be a part of the chocolate making process by grinding your own cocoa nibs in a cast iron hand mill similarly to what Grenadians refer to as the “old days.”

  1. Try Real Grenadian Cocoa Tea

If you are a Grenadian over 40, you will know that your day could not start without the traditional cup of cocoa tea.  The House of Chocolate uses the same combination of rich flavors and gives you the option to add sugar.  As a visitor, the traditional cup of cocoa tea is necessary to acclimatize yourself into the Grenadian culture.

  1. Shop at the Cocoatique

The small boutique area adequately referred to as ‘The Cocoatique’ is the perfect place to shop if you need to add some extra flair to your lifestyle.  It boasts unique items such as cocoa print pillows or coin purses with famous backdrops like the Carenage waterfront.  From clothes and recipe books to paintings and more, you’re bound to see something that peaks your interest.

  1. Discover the Benefits of eating Dark Chocolate

Did you know that dark chocolate is classified as a super food that reduces the risk of diabetes?  Are you aware that eating a piece of dark chocolate could reduce your stress levels?  You will leave the House of Chocolate with no less than 15 reasons why you should indulge in dark chocolate at least once per day.

  1. Make your own Chocolate Designs

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but creative way to say Happy Wednesday, customized chocolate designs are now a great option.  Imagine receiving a hand painted chocolate bar from a close friend.  There’s nothing better than showing appreciation with a personalized touch.

So, although it hasn’t been officially launched as yet, Grenada’s House of Chocolate is definitely worth the visit.  You will never look at chocolate the same way again.  As the owners would say, “Grenadian chocolate is the answer! Nobody cares what the question is.”

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