5 Persons Who Can Make Grenada’s Staycation Program Work for Them

A free return ticket, discounted hotel rates and price cuts on meals and vehicle rentals, are just a part of what you’re guaranteed when you take advantage of Grenada’s Staycation Program.  How do I qualify you may ask?  It’s pretty simple.  Once you reside in Grenada and stay on Carriacou and Petite Martinique for at least two nights before 15 December 2014, this offer is for you.  Here’s how you can make the program work for you.

Sometimes all you need is a quick getaway to ignite a spark in your relationship.  With the Staycation program, you and that special person can escape to the incredible aura of the Oyster Beds or the amorous allure of Sandy Island.  Get some sunscreen, a bottle of champagne and let our guides take you and your honey on an amazing excursion for a very attractive price.

Business Travelers
Employers are always looking for ways to conduct business in the most cost effective way possible.  If your company conducts business in Carriacou or Petite Martinique, now is the best time to save some money on travel with the Staycation Program.  You have to remember that you save 50% of the total transportation cost, plus the number of discounts you receive on meals and vehicle rentals.  Start planning that work trip today before its too late.

You’re never too old for some family fun. and you can even make it a learning experience.  Did you know that celebrations for the traditional wedding in Petite Martinique last for 2 weeks?  Have you seen the Ningo well?  What about the champagne dive?  Gather your loved ones, get a map at the Grenada Tourism Authority’s Carriacou office, choose some cool places to visit and start exploring Carriacou and Petite Martinique. 

Singles/Party Lovers
There’s nothing more exciting then taking a trip with your girl or guys pals and just kicking back.  Despite its laidback vibe, Carriacou actually has quite a bit going on lately and with the Carnival season declared open, it can only get better. So, whether you decide to try Wild out Wednesdays at Wayne’s Bar or the After Work Lime at John’s Unique, a trip to Carriacou and Petite Martinique is a sure fire way to ease your stress.  So what are you waiting for?  Start calling your friends today.

Everyone hopes to have an enjoyable retirement and maybe it worked out great for you.  On the other hand, maybe life itself got in the way.  Regardless of the way your retirement is progressing, the Staycation Program gives you the perfect opportunity to live a life of leisure only footsteps away from where you live.  The best part is that you can do so without exploiting your budget. 

If you’re still pondering on whether or not the Staycation Program is for you and would like some more details, contact us using the information below.

Grenada Tourism Authority
PO. Box 293
Burns Point
St. George
Tel: 473 440 2279/2001
Fax: 473 440 6637
Email: info@puregrenada.com

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