Grenada - a Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

Although popularly known for its abundance of spices, Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique have been placed in the spotlight for its unique underwater sculpture park, superb sailing conditions, breath taking gardens and most recently its rich organic dark chocolate.  

Grenada seemed to bear cocoa trees everywhere along their interior.  In the past, local children would innocently pluck a cocoa pod from the tree and start sucking the fruits on the inside.  Adults on the other hand would look forward to turning them into cocoa rolls for making the traditional early morning hot chocolate; a drink that would cause the children to sweat excessively.  Today however, the island proudly produces its very own rich organic dark chocolate.

Nestled among a lush cocoa farm, Grenada’s sole Chocolate Factory produces these treats using solar powered machines locally designed to fit the small scale production.  Recently, these special organic chocolates sparked headlines after sailing from Grenada to Europe aboard an old fashioned, wind powered Dutch ship to ensure that the delivery remained free from even the slightest bit of pollution.  This year, visitors will get a chance to experience these pure dark chocolates right at home with Grenada’s first Chocolate Festival.

This unique 7 day experience in August will offer visitors a chance to explore Grenadian chocolate in the most creative ways.  Beginning with a visit to a cocoa farm and Chocolate Factory, the Grenada Chocolate Festival also features a cocoa inspired fashion show, chocolate tempering and truffle making workshop, chocolate dinner competition, chocolate sunset cruise and more.

This exclusive Grenadian Chocolate experience will take anyone on an incredible journey but who says it should stop there.  This Festival presents the perfect opportunity to explore as much of the island as possible beginning with sister islands Carriacou and Petite Martinique, the underwater sculpture park or even the weekly Fish Friday Festival on the west coast.  Whatever visitors decide to do, we know that indulging in Grenada’s Chocolate Festival on August 18 – 24, will be well worth it. 

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