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Gardens · Location: Grenada

Smithy’s Garden

Morne Jaloux,
St. George’s
1 (473) 407 3019

Located at approximately 1,000ft above sea level, just one mile from historic Fort Frederic in St George's, this gently sloping Grenada garden is just under two acres in size. Divided into an old and new garden, Smithy's Garden is noted for its "wild feel" and also for the variety of rainforest plants which strangely flourish in an area in Grenada noted for its dry forest vegetation! In the old garden, you will find large flowering trees, a variety of wildlife, an orchard, a variety of ornamental plants and other colorful flowers pollinated and cultivated by Smithy herself. The new garden is an ongoing project where many of Grenada's rainforest plants flourish. Tours can be booked by appointment only.