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Music · Location: Grenada

Grenada Drum Festival

St. Patrick
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In the northeastern part of Grenada, almost on the boundary between the parishes of St. Andrew and St. Patrick lies the rural community of Tivoli. With a rich history in drumming, it is home to the Tivoli Drummers and the natural birthplace of the Grenada Drum Festival. Founded in 1995 with the goal of spreading the Drum Culture, the Tivoli Drummers have developed a unique style of choreographed drumming that is not seen elsewhere.

The idea for the Grenada Drum Festival was born when Livingston Krumah Nelson, the Director of the Tivoli Drummers visited Guadeloupe in 2000 and witnessed the festival of the drums referred to as Gwoka. The Drum Festival Committee was formed in January 2001, and the first Drum Festival was held. The festival site is usually transformed into a cultural village featuring traditional drumming and dancing. Visitors and locals will have the opportunity to sample and enjoy Grenadian dishes and delights and also view local arts.

Grenada Drum Festival