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Apartment · $ · Location: Carriacou

Bayaleau Point Cottages

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Bayaleau Point Cottages are a romantic hideaway for the uninitiated or an ideal getaway for couples with young children. Set on the rugged eastern most point of Windward Bay, these elegantly simple cottages are the gateway to the emerald islands of the Grenadines. At our estate you will find 4 quaint and colourful cottages complete with modern amenities plus a communal deck right over the sea...a perfect place to relax and soak up the breathtaking view, savor some of our local cuisine or simply imbibe Carriacou's finest magic elixirs, try to subdue the bananaquits and grackles or admire the graceful pelicans and frigate birds. All of this plus an array of Labrador retrievers to welcome you and keep you company. A visit to Bayaleau Point Cottages is more than a's an experience you will never forget.